The Bahá’í Faith in Southern New Hampshire

Bahá’ís have thirty-eight registered communities in New Hampshire. Because as Bahá’ís we do not have church structures (excluding the magnificent temples found on each continent), or clergy, you may not be aware that we live in your neighborhood. We would like to get to know you and for you to come to know us.

Our faith is part of our daily lives, it manifests itself in everything we do, from getting together for dinner and prayers, to cleaning up the neighborhood. We understand that work should be another form of worship, that trials help us grow, and that there is always more joy available to us if we have the eyes to see it.

Many Bahá’í activities draw the communities of believers together. These include devotional meetings, informal discussions of matters of faith and virtue, unity feasts, and deepenings on various subjects from the scriptures. We invite all seekers and those not yet seeking to join us.

We also have our work as members of the larger community which might include a town cleanup, a concert promoting racial unity, free English language classes for adults, and adult literacy classes.

The children are an important part of Bahá’í community life. Regular children's classes are held in some communities, concurrent with devotional and deepening periods for adults. As `Abdu'l-Bahá wrote "from the very beginning, the children must receive divine education and must continually be reminded to remember their God. Let the love of God pervade their inmost being, commingled with their mother's milk."

Family summer camps at Green Acre, a Bahá’í retreat in Eliot, ME, serve to unite families, as well as offering children the opportunity to meet new friends from diverse countries and cultures.

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